Of the financial crisis

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Of the financial crisis Sakai.rutgers.edu that continues to the economic crisis and the collapse of the rupiah against the dollar, it turns out not to paralyze the national economy. That due to the economic crisis, soaring prices of basic necessities, inflation can hardly be controlled, exports declined (especially manufacturing exports), imports of capital goods declined, the production of manufactured goods declined, unemployment rose, is true. But it all turned out to be no serious impact on the economy of the people are the source of income instead of selling labor.

Efforts are cultivated or possessed by the people whose products do not use imported material, hardly experienced significant shocks. Another fact, when investing zero percent, even ternjadi depreciation of capital, it turns Indonesian economy could grow 3.4 percent in 1999. It all proves that the Indonesian economy will be solid if economic agents carried by as many citizens.