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Art by Jey Soliva
My name is Jey Soliva
Economic Democracy is empowering (group / unit) which dominate the economic structure of the business world. In Indonesia, democratic economy is described as a large contingent of individual economic actors with the type of business activity that is simple, yet applying business management, and business ownership bentk personally. The legal basis for this community economy is on Propenas in Law no. 25/2000. Implementation of the most appropriate kerakayatan economy today are cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Both of these types of businesses is an instrument of economic empowerment. Women as part of the community is a huge potential to strengthen the economy in the cooperative sector and SME's. It is estimated that more than half of SMEs in Indonesia is driven by women. Real example, until recently the majority of members IWAPI engaged in the cooperative sector and SMEs already have a membership of about 30,000 people spread across 30 Provinces and 256 districts / municipalities.