How My Account Access

Why suddenly all acount google play my game  can access ?
Remarks that appears always say you have to go in google play .....
Then I try to get into google play game with a new account. Can. D but can not access. Remarks that appears no internet conection.
I've tried to delete the data, delete the cache, even delete the application and mendownlaod google play back but the results were all zero.
The problem persists.
We are the solution to their problem because I can not play my game. Thank you in advance.
A temporary solution for now, you can use the old version of Google Play Games to solve your problem.
1. Open the Settings / Settings or Settings> Apps / Applications
2. Slide the screen left column to All / All> Google Play Games
3. Select the Uninstall updates / Uninstall updates

If Google Play Games requesting an update, you can do the following:
1. Make sure you do not turn on auto-update apps from Google Play Store
   (Google Play Store> 3 lines at the top left> Settings / Settings> Auto-update apps / Auto-update apps> Select Do not auto-update apps / do not auto-update apps)
2. Clear data and cache of Google Play services / Google Play and Google Services Framework / Google Services Framework
3. Restart your phone (power off, then on again)
Developers know how important it is to test their applications with as many people as possible before releasing it to the public. This applies especially to the Android software.

Beta testing in an Android application requires multiple processes to pass through. For example, you need to visit the developer's website or joining a community. But it will not be difficult and time consuming because there are updates to the Play Store that can facilitate you to test Android applications.

According to TheNextWeb sourced from Android Police, Google will soon launch the Play Store update that allows you to join or leave the program Android beta directly from the application list regularly. Certain tests may ask you to sign on with a Google+ community, but you do not have to be begging for beta application specific entry or download the installer from a Web site.

Updates Play Store can also tell you when you use a beta application that is not being released. In addition users can leave feedback. Developers will be able to see the feedback but will not be published on the review application.

It seems that this update still needs time to be released because there are still a few bugs in the system,

Apple has just announced major changes to the App Store. One of these changes is a new business model that allows developers to get more revenue when users subscribe to their applications.

If the developers managed to create a user subscribing to their applications for one year, they will get 85 percent of the total revenue generated, an increase of 70 per cent of the usual Apple offering.
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Now, Google also will do the same. According to Recode, Google also will change the percentage of profit sharing between Google and the developer. If before Google offers a 70/30 split - 70 percent to 30 percent for the developers and Google - now, Google offers a 85/15 revenue share, the same as Apple.

However, Google will offer a revenue share in a higher percentage of this directly.

Some sources say, Google has begun testing a new revenue sharing system with several entertainment companies. Apple has also been doing the same thing. Unfortunately, it is still not known when Google will start using the new revenue sharing system.

Google's decision is a sensible move. So far, Google has indeed been encouraging developers to create Android applications seriously. Typically, developers are more focused to create applications for iOS as iOS users spend more money than Android users.

Play Store is also an important part of Google's strategy to generate revenue beyond advertising. Google has tried to facilitate developers by letting them choose the payment system that they use in in-app purchases and letting them get all the resources available.

Currently, all payments made in the iOS app still has to pass through the iTunes payment system. One thing that is difficult for the developer.
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My name is Jey Soliva.
People's economy  Sakai Rutger s is a business that dominates ragaan perekono mian people. According to the expert community economy in Indonesia, namely Prof. Mubyarto of UGM and Mr. Adi Sasono, former Minister of MSME Habibie era, it was agreed that the term democratic economy means empowering (group / unit) which dominate the economic structure of the business world run by and for a group of people a lot of (people). Free translation of populist economics in Indonesia this is a great unity of individual economic actors with the type of business activities that are simple, yet applying business management and personal forms of business ownership. The legal basis for this community economy is on the National Development Program (Propenas) Law 25 of 2000.
People's economy grows naturally due to a number of economic potential in him. At first they were grown without any artificial incentives or in other words just rely on instinct effort and abundance of natural resources, human resources, as well as market opportunities. However, when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia's economy began in mid-1997, proved to the people that do not rely on the economy monetary system, especially against the US, the majority of the people's business is able to survive and continue its efforts to date.