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Art by Jey Soliva
  1. Brainstorm
    Bung Hatta in the Sovereign People (1931) wrote an article titled People's Economy in Danger, while Bung Karno 3 years earlier (August 1930) in Bandung Landraad defense in writing the economic fate of the people as follows: Economy of the People by the mon
  2. Soliva
    If we refer to the Pancasila state ideology or the provisions of Article 33 UUD 1945, then there is a popular word but should not be used as an adjective meaning a populist. The word democracy as the sound of the 4th principle of Pancasila should be written in full, namely democracy, led by the inner wisdom of deliberations / representation, which means that none other than the Indonesian-style democracy. So the democratic economy is (system) democratic economy. Understanding economic democracy or (system) contained a complete democratic economy in explanation of Article 33 of the 1945 Constitution which reads:
  3. Consectetur
    "The production is done by all for all, under the leadership or members of the public viewing. Prosperity of society that preferred not prosperity of individuals. Because the economy is structured as a joint venture based on family principles. Waking up in accordance with the company that is the cooperative. The economy based on economic democracy, prosperity for everyone! Because the branches of production that are important to the state and that life must be controlled by the state. Otherwise, the reins of production into the hands of those in power and the people are much ditindasinya. Only companies that do not dominate the life of the people should be in the hands of individuals. Earth and water and natural resources contained in the earth are the main points of the people's welfare. Therefore it must be controlled by the state and used for the greatest prosperity of the people.
  4. Consequat
    Research results Laica Marzuki (UNHAS, 1999), explains that the current economic populist economic system is based on the economic strength of the people, where people own economy is the economic activities carried out by many people who are self-manage any economic resources that can be cultivated which hereinafter referred to as micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). According Mardi Yatmo Hutomo [3] (2003), there are four (4) reasons why economic $4700.00
My name is Jey Soliva.
People's economy  Sakai Rutger s is a business that dominates ragaan perekono mian people. According to the expert community economy in Indonesia, namely Prof. Mubyarto of UGM and Mr. Adi Sasono, former Minister of MSME Habibie era, it was agreed that the term democratic economy means empowering (group / unit) which dominate the economic structure of the business world run by and for a group of people a lot of (people). Free translation of populist economics in Indonesia this is a great unity of individual economic actors with the type of business activities that are simple, yet applying business management and personal forms of business ownership. The legal basis for this community economy is on the National Development Program (Propenas) Law 25 of 2000.
People's economy grows naturally due to a number of economic potential in him. At first they were grown without any artificial incentives or in other words just rely on instinct effort and abundance of natural resources, human resources, as well as market opportunities. However, when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia's economy began in mid-1997, proved to the people that do not rely on the economy monetary system, especially against the US, the majority of the people's business is able to survive and continue its efforts to date.